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Caprock Bail Bonds offers the highest quality professional bail bondsmen in the West Texas area. Bail amounts and how judges set a bond are all outlined in Texas Code and Procedure; chapter 17 specifically covers the bail issues. We offer you access to a premier Lubbock bail bond service. We understand the bail process and will help you through it quickly. 

Misdemeanor Bail

A misdemeanor crime is where a crime occurs but it not generally going to cause a prison term. If found guilty a person accused of a misdemeanor will normally only receive county jail time to serve. 

Misdemeanor crimes can consist of driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, some theft, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and other similar crimes. 

Felony Bail

A felony crime is where a defendant faces the possibility of incarceration at a State of Texas Department of Corrections facility. Due to felony crimes being more serious in nature they also generally have higher bail bonds. 

Felony crimes can consist of murder, armed robbery, rape, narcotics violations, child molestation, and many other charges that a defendant is accused of. 

What to do if You’re Arrested

When a person is arrested there are steps that have to occur from the point of the arrest to the time you are eligible for bail. The arresting officer will need to complete some paperwork prior to leaving the scene with a prisoner. They will then drive to the jail which can take a few minutes or a long time depending on the size of the county and jail location. Upon being brought into the jail a correctional officer will begin the book-in process and advise the arrestee to remain in a certain location. When they are ready, this process can take a while depending on how many prisoners other officers are bringing into the jail, they will fingerprint and photograph you. When the intake paperwork is complete the jail officer will then advise the inmate what the specific charges are and what the bond amount is. Then, and only then, will you be able to use the phone to try and secure your bail. 

Make sure that you have your family or loved one that you contact call Caprock Bail Bonds. We understand that  the time frame you have been incarcerated has been long enough and will work rapidly to get you out on proper bail. 

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